Cervera de Buitrago

A Sea Port in the Community of Madrid

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Welcome to the website of the City Council of Cervera de Buitrago. You will be able to find general information about our municipality, tourist information and of our rural accommodations and information of public utility in the section “City council”.

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In this amazing visual guide you could visit our town, inch by inch, in addition to knowing in detail many of our famous places and other services that are offered.

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We have several rural lodgings like Los Cabos, El Egío or El Lavadero where you can enjoy the beauty of the places of our municipality as well as the many activities with which you can get fun and relax.

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Where we are

Cervera de Buitrago is located in one of the richest areas, paisajísticamente, of the Community of Madrid, Sierra Norte, 80 km from the capital.

It is a small town located on the banks of the El Atazar reservoir. Its territory is divided topographically in two spaces by the line that runs from the height of 1,028 m. Of Valdecornoque, in the north, and 974 m. Of Cerrillo de la Jara.