Flora and Faunia

The unmistakable relief of this region shows berrocales, pedrizas and deep sickles. This heterogeneous terrain brings together different ecosystems, such as holm oaks, melojares, quejigales, fresnedas, bushes and pastures, not to mention the pine forests of repopulation and the reservoir.

The scrub is the unit of greater extension and diversity, presenting species like rosemary, honeysuckle, yellow evergreen, cantueso, marjoram, thyme, jara, retama…

In the vegetation of riverside predominate the ash and the willow accompanied by brambles, Hawthorn albar, sanguine and rosehip. They also appear as riparian vegetation the poplar and alierne.

The fauna heritage is important both for the very large number of species that inhabit the area and for the importance of many of them as they are especially protected.

Mammals such as rabbit, fox, wild boar, roe deer, field mouse, hedgehog, badger, etc.

Kingfisher, listing, thrush, charcoal, garrapinos, capuchin herring, greenhead, corneja, kestrel, black kite, snake eagle, sparrow hawk, common goose, king heron, imperial heron, white stork, reed gull, large cormorant, etc.

Red-tailed lizard, ocellated lizard, collarga lizard, ladder snake, collar snake, snout viper, etc.

Common toad, spurs toad, frog of San Antonio, marbled newt, green frog, etc.

Barbo, pike, perch, rainbow trout, common trout, tench, etc.